(in reversed chronological order)


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    Maximilian Benker, and Michael F. Zaeh
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  2. Experimental Derivation of a Condition Monitoring Test Cycle for Machine Tool Feed Drives
    Maximilian Benker, Sebastian Junker, Johannes Ellinger, and 2 more authors
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  3. An Investigation into the Economic Efficiency of Different Maintenance Strategies Based on a Discrete Event Simulation
    Maximilian Benker, Victor Rommel, and Michael F. Zaeh
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  1. A Gaussian Process Based Method for Data-Efficient Remaining Useful Life Estimation
    Maximilian Benker, Artem Bliznyuk, and Michael F. Zaeh
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  2. Utilizing Uncertainty Information in Remaining Useful Life Estimation via Bayesian Neural Networks and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
    Maximilian Benker, Lukas Furtner, Thomas Semm, and 1 more author
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  1. Predicting the Ultimate Tensile Strength of Friction Stir Welds Using Gaussian Process Regression
    Roman Hartl, Fabian Vieltorf, Maximilian Benker, and 1 more author
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  2. Feed Drive Condition Monitoring Using Modal Parameters
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